Posted by: River of Hope Hutchinson | August 29, 2011

Hope Floats

Posted by Pastor Laura Aase, Mission Developer

Tonight at worship, Pastor Linda Pedersen told a few brief stories about the ELCA churchwide assembly held in Orlando, Florida a few weeks ago.  Not only did she tell about the malaria campaign and encourage us to get involved, she also told about Bishop Mark Hanson mentioning River of Hope in his “state of the church” address.  What you can’t tell from the video but that Linda could tell us tonight was that as he mentioned the float we had in the Water Carnival parade (“Hope Floats”), not only was there laughter and applause, but people stood!  Evidently, too, there was a photo of the float we made, which is pretty great too.

It is so important that we are in this thing together – to know we’re being prayed for and that we, too, are praying not just for ourselves but for God’s work in the wide world, including and beyond the ELCA.

So, if you want to take a peek, here’s a link to the video (plenary 3, about 45 minutes in).


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